18 and no projects...

2012-02-16 13:41:42 by Rebel12

And thats kind of it. Just continuing being a animation critique. Want a good critique? PM me.

Game Pitch and Reviews

2011-02-23 23:21:14 by Rebel12

I have a Game idea that might be worth a coder's and Spriter's time to develop. I'll release some basic info that it would be a sprite game, an Turn Based Strategy, and that a multiplayer mode would make it phenomenal. Shoot me a PM if interested. Would need a coder and a spriter. I could come up with sounds I think.

Other words. I'm offering reviews to anyone who wants em. I will do them for flashes on the front page, but if you really want creative criticism I recently started giving open minded reviews. Even look at my review page then if you want.

Anyway.. Yea, thats whats new. I'm really excited if someone wants to develop the game.

As always,
Rebel12 (hate that name)
Better know as Roy1589


2010-02-09 16:11:39 by Rebel12

Who knows now. If you follow me. Its probably for my ungodly long favorite list. But now, I want to make some music. And I'm going to try

It's Over

2009-08-13 23:42:05 by Rebel12

Well I just can't seem to get luck with me, i keep trying and failing. So my best bet is to try and pitch the story to someone who can maybe give it a go. But I can't do it, too much time consuming, and too many set backs.

You know sometimes you just really get pissed off. But today, was just fu*king horrible. I got a new computer which is awsome in the long run. But I lost some of my audio files, not only worse but my time to be figureing my shit out has been deminishing and deminishing. Now that I have to go searching for a job again, and also figure out how im going to get money for anything. Im hoping everything can get sorted out soon but until this job thing gets figured out, i have to postpone my "Gathering" >:(

I want to thank my few viewers though. It feedback that makes everything worth while. If you have ideas or anything that can possibly help I would be very thankful.

Gathering Materials

2009-01-30 08:04:55 by Rebel12

Its amazing, I actually got 2 guys who actually visited my profile. Holly shit! Unfortunantly about this idea i have for the series. I have 2 main problems. 1 is that I'm not very good with flash (I mean I practically just got the program, and so i have heard flash CS3 is more difficult then previous ones). 2 I need voice actors, but my catch is I don't have money. So if they wanted pay for their services I wouldn't be able to. So thats that. Other than problems I have been starting to try and get materials (sounds, sprites(if need be), and some other stuff) just so I can maybe start. I hope I can figure flash out soon so that I could possibly start, but under surcumstances... it doesn't look pretty...

nobody cares

2009-01-08 08:13:00 by Rebel12

nobody is coming to my profile... this will be an account just for favs. then...

S.W.A.T. Aftermath

2008-05-12 18:37:32 by Rebel12

Hello anyone who actually cares. Just wanting to let you know im trying to get the series started of S.W.A.T. Aftermath. If you want to know more about this series or any concerns, please contact me.